Monday, October 22, 2012

Sebum--What is it?

I’ll be honest when I first read or heard this word it was quite comical to me. However the effects of sebum are important. So lets get a brief yet informative lesson on what sebum is and how it can benefit.

Sebum - The semifluid secretion of the sebaceous glands, consisting chiefly of fat, keratin and cellular material. This oily substance creates an acidic mantle over the skin that blocks bacterial invaders. Contains 50% water which conditions the hair and skin. Sebum not only conditions the hair and skin on the surface; it also blocks moisture loss internally.

When water leaves the body, so does—flexible, soft supple hair and skin, which ultimately leads to unsightly dry ashy damaged textures.

Unfortunately with curly or kinky hair sebum is unable to make it’s way all the way down the hair strand, which leaves us with the job to pick up where it has left off.

As noted several times here on our blog, you have good oils and you have bad oils. Here are lists of ingredients that do not mimic sebum and that you would want to check the labels for:
·         Petroleum
·         Mineral oils
·         Silicones
·         Preservatives

Such ingredients, generally provide a thick coating over the hair shaft but cannot and do not moisturize the hair. These ingredients do not create flexibility.

As your hair becomes longer, it becomes more difficult for sebum to slide down your hair shaft. Selecting a good sealant and cream to lock in moisture which is water is essential. Zuri Coils provides all natural products that do just that. Visit us on our facebook page for more information on our products or simply email us at

But before you do that check 5 things you must remember when moisturizing:
  • ·         Your moisturizers should be close to the chemistry of sebum, Zuri Coils provides products that include such oils as castor oil. Coconut oil, grapeseed oil, etc. All oils that provide fatty acids.
  • ·         Oils, proteins, silicones, vitamins and plants cannot moisturize; they are sealants
  • ·         The best way to preserve the hair with moisturizers is to add water first then apply a sealant.
  • ·         Hair products are generic versions of sebum
  • ·         Not only must YOU add water, but also, prevent water from leaving the hair by using sealants.

Let's Not Forget

Forget about what? About our men. All too often I have come across men who haven't a clue on how to take care of their "hair". I use quotation's because well, for the most part they don't really have any hair. LOL . Now you do have the ones that have the long stresses however they can simply follow the same guidelines that women have been given that have natural hair. But for the ones that keep a close cut I'm starting to think they may need a little assistance.
I was talking with my dad not too long ago and he mentioned that he washed his hair with soap and then added grease!!!! Well when i asked what type of scalp issues he was having it didn't come to a surprise that he mentioned the all time favorite, dandruff!! Why wasn't it shocking, well as you may already know if you  have done your research on this blog, soap or shampoo simply dries the scalp, stripping it of it's natural oil sebum. Sebum has the ability to cut down on dry scalp. And his other problem was the use of hair grease which has harmful oils such as mineral oil or petroleum ! Yes these oil are considered all natural and are from the earth, but their uses are not best used on our scalp. These oils tend to clog our pores not allowing earths natural moisturizer to penetrate therefore leaving the scalp dry and eventually flacky .
The solution? Simple, you can follow the same guidelines as outlined in the article "Just the L.O.C." Adding a natural oil such as grapeseed oil which is excellent for your scalp if your scalp lacks the production of sebum and a all natural cream such as Zuri Coils Shea Butter Mix which you can purchase on our FaceBook page!! And the price is VERY Affordable.
Zuri Coils Shea Butter Mix contains several ingredients that help with dry scalp, psoriasis, eczema, heat damage, chemical damage and other damage to your scalp that you may have been experiencing over the years. And not only that it has many uses for your skin as well. With the weather changing up we may start to experience not only dry scalp and hair but dry skin as well. What a great product to start your winter off with to ensure total moisture!
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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Common Causes of Hair Breakage

“My hair has been the same length for as long as I can remember!” “It just will NOT grow!”

Is that really true ladies? Can our hair grow? Can YOUR hair grow? Well for my ladies who have gotten their hair relaxed in the past I’m pretty sure that you are familiar with the term “new growth”. Well guess what, that is proof right there that your hair is capable of growing to its full potential. The key however ladies is retention.

Hair breakage, it’s the number one culprit to why our hair “seems” to look like it will not go any further than our shoulder or our jawbone for that matter!

Common knowledge about hair growth goes as follows: